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My name is Jennifer Wilson and I really enjoy the online environment, not only as a viewer but as a contributor as well.


I am currently teaching in a P-12 school and have the joy of being one of two teacher librarians at the college.  My experience in the education setting is varied as I have many different roles within a school environment from teacher aide, school secretary, classroom teacher, grounds maintenance and now of course librarian.  I must say that my journey has been interesting!  My life as a teacher was inspired by others around me in my support roles.  I started my degree as a 33 year old with small children and have just entered my fifth year of teaching.

My role in the library came about quite by accident however, I would not change it for anything.  I love the fact that I get to interact with all students and staff on a daily basis.  The variety of skills that I am now using in this role is astounding.  Every day there is something new to investigate or someone else with an inquiry that I help with and this makes my job satisfaction extremely high.  I also love that the role of the teacher librarian is evolving into a specialist within the ICT area.  Although I don’t see myself as an expert in any way, I am enjoying the discovery of new technologies along with the students.  I see myself now as facilitator rather than instructor in this area.  I find myself learning along with the students as well as from them.  My life long learning journey continues!

I look forward to any comments left on my page and hope that you enjoy our blog.



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  1. Hi Jennifer. Your trajectory from teacher aide to librarian is fascinating. In the school I am located in in the Faculty of Education at QUT there are a few people who have charted a similar course, starting in low-level support roles then getting inspired by the education environment to take on study to become teachers or build on their first degrees to do postgraduate study. There’s certainly a lot of reward to be had by continuing to think of oneself as a learner.

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